Helping verbs

Students will use a word bank of helping verbs to fill in the blanks, as well identify helping verbs and action verbs in a given sentence. Like the example in the video, Brian is eating a pizza, the helping verb helps place this action in the present progressive (its happening right now)

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  1. ” Helping verbs are a special category of verbs
  2. They can also clarify how time is conveyed in a sentence
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  7. That other verb is called the lexical verb (le verbe lexical)
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  9. The most common English helping verb is “to be
  10. Identify the helping verbs in the following sentences
  11. (HAVE is the helping verb, and EATEN is the
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  13. Modal Verbs
  14. When do is used in a negative sentence, it is an auxiliary verb
  15. For example, Jeanine is doing her homework
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